-Finish About page
-Sketch Map & Art pages
-Set up "mystery box"
-Make another embed
-Change out graphics
to be my own
-Draw load.gif
-Draw other pages
-Finish main section
-New cursors????
-Add alt text

-gog fucking damn it
i have to code all
this bullshit too

  tragiccartoonist@chordata:~$ neofetch



                            ☆HOME OF THE BACKBONED☆


                           >Brought to you by

                             >Myself, T.C.




                             >Clip Studio Paint EX

                             >Biology and Taxonomy

                             >Monster Energy

                             >Everyone I asked for

                              feedback <3 <3


                  I created this website to share my

                  works of art, writing, and similar

                  things, as well as to show off who

                  I am as a person, as other options

                  for custom webpages do not meet my


                                 Embed Chordata:



  What is Chordata? Chordata

  is the phylum that animals

  with a backbone (such as

  raccoons) fall into. This name was picked because

  it sounds cool as fuck, and I, a racoon, fall into

  this phylum.

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This project began 13 March, 2024; Made with blood, sweat, tears, and passion.